(Part 1)

Chased by cold temperatures Чернотa and I pushed forward consequently. The main goal of the riding day number three was reaching the entrance of the “Route des Grandes Alpes” before midday. This way it would be possible to do at least about 1/3 of the “Route des Grandes Alpes”, what was my second goal for this day.
This way it would be possible for us to stay ahead of the incoming first snow in the high alpine regions on the next riding day. That was the plan and probably our last chance this year for passing the incoming, about 2800 meters or 9100 feet high alpine areas!

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When I got up in the morning of day number two, I checked the weather forecast and I found out, that I had to finish crossing the alps at least in the next three days. Reason for that: Cold temperatures and first big snow masses in high alpine areas have been announced.
Now I was a bit in a hurry, because the remaining distance along my route to the southern edge of the alps was surely somewhere about 1300 km or 800 mi. Avoiding getting stuck on some of the highest roads within the Alps due to the onset of winter had now grown to my primary priority!

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Two of my main goals of this trip have been: On one hand side the “Route de Grandes Alps” and the other side: the Island “Corsica” within the Mediterranean Sea. From my hometown Vienna, to the entrance point/ferry port of these two goals it needs a ride which is about 1100 km or 700 mi long. So the first two days of the trip I’ll serve you a few impressions of nice places along the way to my first chosen goal, which is the entrance to the famous “Route de Grandes Alps” in Western-France. Lets start!

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In the year 2020 each of us suffered from the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us had to postpone or cancel detailed travel plans due to heavy lock down measures or got affected in another way of the pandemic.
My person was no exception. This is the plan behind my 4000 km or 2500 mi Covid-19 dual sport adventure …

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When I think back to my first motorcycle journeys, where the plan was to sleep overnight most of the time in a tent, I’m always surprised how much gear I had with me back then about 10 years ago.
The more my riding style changed from simple motorcycle journeying to amateur-dual-sport-adventure-motorcycling, all the more my used gear changed too. As a result the packing list shrunk.
With the following lines I’ll show you my personal dual-adventure-motorcycling compromise, focused on the following parts of gear: tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, stool and kitchen utensils.

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After more than 220 km or 135 mi along the Northern TET Section on day one of this ride, I tried to do the rest of it, which equals about 100 km or 60 mi. But, it happened what always happened: Plans are just plans. Due to overnight changed conditions, I had to bypass a big amount of the leftover TET Section. Nevertheless, it was still a nice riding day with my trusty dual sport adventure bike Чернотa …

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Part 2 of 2

This is the sequel of my ride report concerning my first day following the northern section of the Trans Euro Trail in Hungary. If you haven’t already read the first part, I highly recommend to start with it first, before continuing with this part! The first part is available via the following link: “TET HUNGARY 2020 – NORTHERN SECTION – Day 1”.

And now lets continue with the second part …

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TET HUNGARY 2020 – Northern Section – Day 1 – Part 1

(Part 1)

Back in 2019 I already did the eastern and central part of the Trans Euro Trail (TET) Hungary. Because the Hungarian linesman is very productive, there appeared a few more TET sections in Hungary since.
I had two days off, so I made in Summer 2020 the decision to give the northern section of TET Hungary a try. It is leading from the Three-Country-Border-Point between Hungary, Austria and Slovakia straight to the Hungarian capital Budapest. This is the report about my first day along this short adventure …

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TET HUNGARY 2019-Day 04


I like the two simple words “Adventure Riding”: “Riding” with a motorcycle is in my opinion the modern incarnation of freedom and the word “Adventure” adds some enjoying small risks into the formula “Adventure Riding”.
This riding day no. 4 showed me well, that sometimes the “Adventure” can be bigger than estimated. In my special case it was a bit too big for my modest riding skills. But fear not, at least I managed the situation …

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TET HUNGARY 2019-Day 03-Part 01

Part 1

Since riding a dualsport motorcycle I haven’t made much experience with sandy riding conditions. My old girl Чернотa and I have been a few times within a sand pit, but there was never a constant closed sand surface for proper practicing. That was one of the reasons why I’ve chosen this part of the TET for this journey. On one hand side it is easy reachable from my hometown, on the other hand side it is providing a very long sand part. Here is the first part about solving my deficit in sand-riding on the third day of our journey along the Hungarian Trans-Trans-Euro-Trail …

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TET HUNGARY 2019-Day 02


Riding along the Trans Euro Trail, or generally riding along remote tracks means, that you have to deal sometimes with unexpected happenings. Often the riding conditions turn worse, a breakdown happens, or other things went odd which you haven’t thought about in advance. On day two of this ride, short after the early mornings entrance to Hungarys Trans Euro Trail, my black beauty and I have been confronted with a combination of bad conditions and unexpected happenings, which let us change the plan. It seems that it’s not possible for to ride a planned route in one piece. But hey, that is what makes my little ride outs adventurous …

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TET HUNGARY 2019-Day 00


It seems like the TET-Virus got me in 2019! After doing the eastern section of the Polish TET in April, I did just two months later the Hungarian TET. Beforehand I can say, that it was a superb ride which brought me with my six-ninety two times on my own limits whilst trying to follow it. What I learned from this ride is the following thing: Never ever overestimate your own skills! Riding about one quarter below the own maximal abilities would be good personal posture for future rides. More about the origin of this inspiration in the incoming reports of that ride.
Let’s start with the plan behind this adventurous undertaking …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 04


It was bucketing the whole night. In the very early morning also some distant lightning started and I woke up. A look at the weather forecast was predicting heavy showers all the day in southeastern Poland-the area I was currently riding. With the less knobby back tire such heavy mud like yesterday along Poland’s TET wouldn’t be a pleasure to ride, …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 03


Already at the end of first day of this ride to Eastern Poland, I had an apprehensive look at the weather forecast. It announced for the third day of my ride incoming heavy showers in the area, which I was going to ride through. Often these forecasts are not reliable, but I knew from the Late Spring Ride 2018 and the Iron Curtain Ride 2018, that I’m not the luckiest guy, when it comes to the factor weather.
Also, on this riding day number three along Polands-Trans-Euro-Trail, the weather was a real pain in the ass …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 02


Like the first night of the “Iron Side Ride 2018”, I was disturbed during these trips first camping night. Around midnight, I woke up because of a pack of wild hogs, which was rummaging around in the dry leafs around my tent.
The noises they’ve made like: grunting, sniffing and loud breathing had been very frightening to me! I haven’t had any experiences with these animals before. Horror stories of big teethed boars ripping my tent into pieces came up in my mind …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 01


My plan for this trip was to make plenty of miles on the first and on the last day. Therefore, I created a route from Vienna to the Polands northeastern corner, which was as straight and short as possible. The sooner we would reach the TET, the better it would be! Because I haven’t planned any sights along this route, I was curious what this first day ride along many small and big roads and also some gravel tracks would bring …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 00


In the year 2018 I tried with a buddy of mine to ride parts of the Slovenian TET. Due to an accident of my riding buddy and bad weather conditions I was forced to abort this plan. A year later I gave the superb TET Project (Trans Euro Trail) a new chance and planned this ride to the eastern section of Polands TET-Trail. Here’s the simple plan behind this adventure …

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Being alone on an adventure trip is sometimes a risky thing. You have to overthink some decisions twice before making a final choice. Hence, your choice should be a good one, because you have to deal with the consequences on your own.
Most of the time such decisions are related to simple tasks like where to go back on road for the next stop for fuelling up or to buy some food. Often also an estimation is needed regarding if a track is ride able without taking too much peril (slope, dense vegetation, road damage …) for you and your bike.
But none of these listed points is so difficult to calculate in advance like the dynamic factor weather is. On this last riding day of the Iron Side Ride 2018 this unknown factor in the adventure-riding-formula was steadily growing during this day’s riding progress …

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THE IRON SIDE RIDE 2018-Day 02-Part 1

Part 1

*Scratch*, *scratch*, *scratch*, …, …, *plonnng* *crinkle* *crinkle*
… that are just a few noises which you can hear while lying in a tent, trying to sleep. Often fine needles, leaves or branches from a tree falling down onto the tent sheet, or some insects are rummaging around make this noises.
During the first camping night from the Iron Curtain Ride a mouse or something similar “big” found its way underneath the groundsheet of my tent and caused an uncommon annoying noise. Normally I’m not the person which is paying attention to these noises, but this time that thing had stamina and came back again a few times during the first camping night of this ride. Sadly I wasn’t able to get this little disturber. -_-

But now enough of this, here’s the first part of the ride report of the second day of the Iron Side Ride 2018 …

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During one of my day rides in 2017 I was following a short part of the Iron Curtain in eastern Austria. There I got the idea that it would be interesting to plan a ride along this former border, which found its end 1989, when the USSR began to fall apart.
So the plan for the Iron Side Ride 2018 was made, which followed the remnants of this former, continent dividing and human made continental breach. Here’s the story behind this undertaking …

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Plans are always good, but most of the time they didn’t work. This ride showed me that fact well. First the accident of my riding and support buddy, second: due to the heavy winter remaining and route blocking snow in Friuli’s heights and here on the last day of the ride: the real bad weather. But hey! No reason for wailing around –> When things go wrong the adventure starts and each step out of the comfort zone is gaining the riders abilities.

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Part 1

The plan was to ride with a buddy some Slovenian Gravel, the Mangart Pass Road, two Italian high alpine connection trails and parts of the Slovenian Trans Euro Trail aka TET. The thing with plans is that sometimes they aren’t working as estimated.
The Late Spring Ride 2018 showed me well that sometimes a whole plan can go awry … .

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This is the ride report of another short adventure, which a good friend of mine and I undertook in the late spring of the year 2018 with our 690tys.
With the beginning of 2018 I started to plan a new short adventure with its focus within the alpine areas around north-eastern Italy and western Slovenia. Especially the part in Slovenia was interesting due to some parts of the Trans European Trail have been included in this plan. Here’s a short overview of the planned route

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Each trip finally find its end. And so did the “Long Weekend Trip in the Alps” on the riding day number four.
Staying the last night in my homeland was nice. It started with the first views of the familiar surrounding, then the parental home, the good food and last but not least the most important point: The great sleep. I don’t know why but nearly nowhere else I sleep that well. Strange. So the last day of this ride began quite well rested …

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During my rides I often try to implement something special. On day number three of “The Long Weekend Ride in the Alps” my black beauty and I aimed for the highest point of this trip – another cable car peak station in Tirol, which is known from one of the latest James Bond movies. Besides an old construction track there is no official road leading up to this station, but that shouldn’t be a problem with a proper dual-sport-adventure-motorcycle. Here’s the story about the whole day and climbing with a motorcycle to one of the highest vehicle-reachable points in the Austrian Alps.

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Part 1


There is not much more to say about this idea.
The second day of the “The Long Weekend Ride in the Alps” was a real eye opener. It showed pretty well what is possible in over regulated Austria apart from well known tourism sights and often dense crowded tourism areas.

Have a look …

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For a little breakout of the everyday life I like it to go for a ride. Sometimes smaller ones – mostly for a whole day – but sometimes also for bigger ones – like this ride here.
The most important thing for me about such rides is to leave behind the usual annoying stuff and do something exiting, challenging and uncertain. In my opinion that is what makes life worth living. This ride is such a little escape from my daily routine …

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In May/June 2017 I’ve done a big dual-adventure-ride along the Carpathian and Balkan Region for ten days and nearly 5000km or 3100mi. Only two months later the desire for another little adventure was again itching.
It wasn’t long before the next ride was planned. On a long weekend at the end of August 2017 I took the opportunity and went with my trusty black beauty Чернотa right into the Austrian- and a short piece of the Northern Italian-Alps.

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The last day of the Project Carpathian Balkan was a short one. To my hometown Vienna only a few km have been left over.
On one hand side I was happy that the trip found on this day its end. I was pushing hard each day of this tour to make some mileage and was a bit exhausted because of that; on the other hand I was looking forward to coming back to my beloved ones. As often in life there are two sides on the same coin. If I hadn’t pushed so hard the last days, I won’t be now so close at home … . Interesting thoughts! But hey, I’m not the homesick guy! Believe me! ^_^

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Only two riding days are left until this trip – “The Project Carpathian Balkan” – is over. Two days earlier than planned. Memo to me: Next time ride and hurry less! But I know myself and I don’t think that I will take a slower pace in the future. That’s not related to my being, which wants to use the given time properly.
So my exhausting riding style, with a high amount of mileage each day will likely stay with me. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Overall I really like to see the landscape passing by, sitting on the back of my trusty black beauty. The time is flying away …

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Spending a few days out only equipped with a tent and the stuff which is stow-able on a dual sport motorcycle always make me wondering about how less gear is needed for a trip like this. We are living in a world of things. In this world we are often defining our self through these things, which seems somehow stupid. Isn’t it? Whatever: After a long ride on the day before through the enduro paradise Albania, this day was a relaxing ride along nice coastal scenery.

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​Albania is a great country. Especially for little adventure riders like me, which were trying to find the small adventure with their motorcycle out there. But no planned remote trips at this journey for me and Чернотa.

Because I’ve already done parts of Macedonia and Albania a few years before, I used both countries on this trip just for transit. Few people would now think that’s sad, but I don’t think that it is. Due to the usage of mostly back country roads also a transit ride through Albania has its highlights. Trust me, you will find them further down below … ^_^

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Memo to me: Don’t use a Swiss knife with a foldable blade (and no mechanical catch) for drilling holes into the sturdy fabric of a soft luggage bag. While doing this the day before to repair the bag, I put too much pressure on the knife to get a hole in it. Due to a bad move while drilling, the knife collapsed while my hand was tightly closed around it’s handle. So my right index finger got cut between the collapsing blade and the handle. Instantly I’ve stretched quick the instantly heavily bleeding finger above my head. In this position I ran to the motorcycle for the first aid kit. With it, some additional plasters from the luggage and some electrical tape I made a working pressure bandage for the incoming night …

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​While planning the Project-Carpathian-Balkan-Tour I wasn’t sure how much gravel tracks I should do per day. So I set the focus on some for me important points along the planned route and tried to make a well-balanced mix of on- and off-road riding per day.
This day my personal highlight was surely the “Strategica”. When I first read about it on the internet, this about 50km or 30mi long hilly off road track amazed me. So it was instantly added to my plan for the PCB-route.
Finally, on this riding day I put the so called “Strategica” to the test …

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Due to the little odyssey the day before (closed border, big detour, corrupt police) I was a bit behind my schedule. But day four has been an easy on, less gravel, surprisingly good asphalt and many good views were offered.
The last time before this trip I was in the year 2013 in Romania. Now, 4 years later I have to say the streets overall got better. It also looked for me like the people have more money. Not comparable with the wealthy west but the progress was clearly noticeable. Keep it up!
Now, enough of this blabla! Let’s start into this beauty of a riding day:

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Memo to me and all the other wild campers out there: When crawling plastered into the tent, don´t forget to snap off grass stems which could get in contact with the tent. Because of that I was held awake surely for about 30 minutes.
The wind was gently pushing grass stems to the outer hull of the tent. The noise in the tent sounded like a animal which was rummaging around in the close surrounding. It took some time until I was able to find out that the grass stems are the source of the noise. Besides that, I slept well, which was necessary: The incoming day in the Ukraine was a lot more exciting than expected …

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​Somewhere in Slovakia – it´s short before midnight:
I am wrapped in my sleeping bag and was awoken by the sound of a distant engine noise. It seemed to get louder. Suddenly I see light beams touching the tent!!! o_O
At latest now I am alerted. The engine noise is coming closer. The light beam is now permanently pointing at the tent. The noise is now so close to the tent that the vibrations of the big diesel engine where clearly noticeable. Probably a big off road vehicle, I am not sure. I thinking to myself: “WTF is happening now here in the middle of Slovakia’s nowhere?” I slowly open the zip of the tent door and look directly into the bright light of a flash light …

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As always before such a trip, I was a bit nervous the night before. I was thinking about answers to questions, which i can´t know before i finished the planned trip. Will everything go well? Where would I stay over the night? Is the planned route doable alone? Do you have packed all the things which are necessary? So why I think about it again and again and destroy therefore the refreshing night rest before the incoming adventure? I don´t know … .
The only thing I know is that there will be some nights during the trip, where I surely will sleep like a stone, due to the exciting incoming adventures out there. So let´s start!

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In the winter time from 2016 to 17 I was thinking about a longer journey with Чернотa. In the summer 2016 I already did a nice trip to the 5 highest legal ridable points of the Alps (Col de Sommeiler, Col de la Bonette, Col de Ilseran, Stelvio and Col de Agnel). That trip was about 3500km / 2200mi long mostly on well built streets. Loads of curves, nice wild camping, but a less amount of gravel is a short summary of this trip. In 2017 I intended to do some more challenging. After a few glances at the terrain maps the next adventure quickly was found. Start and ending in Austria with a few assorted off road passages:

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