Being alone on an adventure trip is sometimes a risky thing. You have to overthink some decisions twice before making a final choice. Hence, your choice should be a good one, because you have to deal with the consequences on your own.
Most of the time such decisions are related to simple tasks like where to go back on road for the next stop for fuelling up or to buy some food. Often also an estimation is needed regarding if a track is ride able without taking too much peril (slope, dense vegetation, road damage …) for you and your bike.
But none of these listed points is so difficult to calculate in advance like the dynamic factor weather is. On this last riding day of the Iron Side Ride 2018 this unknown factor in the adventure-riding-formula was steadily growing during this day’s riding progress …

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THE IRON SIDE RIDE 2018-Day 02-Part 1

Part 1

*Scratch*, *scratch*, *scratch*, …, …, *plonnng* *crinkle* *crinkle*
… that are just a few noises which you can hear while lying in a tent, trying to sleep. Often fine needles, leaves or branches from a tree falling down onto the tent sheet, or some insects are rummaging around make this noises.
During the first camping night from the Iron Curtain Ride a mouse or something similar “big” found its way underneath the groundsheet of my tent and caused an uncommon annoying noise. Normally I’m not the person which is paying attention to these noises, but this time that thing had stamina and came back again a few times during the first camping night of this ride. Sadly I wasn’t able to get this little disturber. -_-

But now enough of this, here’s the first part of the ride report of the second day of the Iron Side Ride 2018 …

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During one of my day rides in 2017 I was following a short part of the Iron Curtain in eastern Austria. There I got the idea that it would be interesting to plan a ride along this former border, which found its end 1989, when the USSR began to fall apart.
So the plan for the Iron Side Ride 2018 was made, which followed the remnants of this former, continent dividing and human made continental breach. Here’s the story behind this undertaking …

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