… riding a Dual-Sport-Motorcycle adventurous! Exciting ride reports, equipment, modifications and more!


Hello and welcome to dualadventure.com!

There is no reason for wasting time wobbling around for ages trying to find an adequate explanation of this site and its content …

The picture above and the site logo says it all!

For those people which never had contact to dual sport motorcycles or any adventures I’ll share the following two introducing and explaining definitions right out of the dictionary:

Dual-Sport-Motorcycle, [Doo-Uhl-Spawrt]; …
… is a street legal motorcycle that is designed and built for on- and offroad use

Adventure, [Ad-ven-cher]; …

… is a undertaking into the unknown, often having a connotation of danger and excitement

So, the formula is simple:
A Dual-Sport-Motorcycle + Adventure = Dualadventure.com
Now, enough of this blah, blah! Basic lessons are done, so feel free to have a closer look to the site and its content!