Hey! I´’m Tom. ^_^


Hey Folks! Let me introduce myself and give you the answer to the question: “WhAT IS this site ABOUT?”

I’m Tom, a cheeky motorcyclist from Austria. Since my younger days I’m ridden by the desire to travel in many different ways. One of them is to ride a motorcycle.

Back in the year 2011 I owned my first street legal dual-sport-motorcycle a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom.

After some great camping trips (such as one to the North Cape or another one to Istanbul/Western Turkey) with a few off road shortcuts I got the insight, that I want to go more flexible in my journeys with the motorcycle.

I was sick of heaving around a fully equipped iron pig which weighed about +240kg (or +530lbs). The idea was born to get rid oft the fat Suzuki and get instead a middle weight dual-sport-enduro which would be more suitable for my needs.

After a long period of lurking around and comparing the pro and cons of the few interesting (and available) street legal middleweight dual-sport-motorcycles out there, the decision was finally made:

At the end of the year 2015 I bought my first middle weight adventure bike, my black beauty Чернотa and made a few modifications and rode more than 140.000km or 87.000 mi on it. In the meanwhile I’m Riding a heavily modified Honda CRF450L.

For those of you which are thinking now: “Hey! I know that guy / his bike from somewhere!”, I have to say:

Earlier I was already sharing my little adventure escapades on some social media sites, internet forums, etc., but sadly I was never pleased with the possibility’s they offered for sharing content (and their understanding of data security is another story … ).

So the idea for dualadventure.com was born in the end of the year 2018. It is my project for sharing the passion with all those of you, which are interested in riding a dual-sport-motorcycle in the style it was build for: Both on- and off-road, while adding a little of adventure here and there.

That was a short overview about my intention building this website.



The history of dualadventure.com and plans for the future …