Dualadventure goes RTW!


Yes, you are reading right: I’m going to give the ultimate motorcyclists travel dream a chance to fulfill. Armed with a new heavily modified Dual Sport Motorcycle, I’m going to leave at the end of this week for making a journey around the globe. This is a short introduction of my incoming, more than 13 months lasting undertaking…

The Dream

After being an adventure rider for a few years, the time has come to go big. Over the last decade, I traveled a lot through many different European countries, often along very uncommon travel routes. Very early in my adventure-rider-carrer the idea grew in my mind of doing an RTW-Trip (Round the World-Trip) on my own. In the year 2014 I started making my first plan for this journey. It surely took me about 250-300 hours of constant planning sessions nearly each week for about 4 years. The plan was to start in spring 2019 with riding around the world like shown at the following sketch:


But it happens what always happens: Plans seems to be made just to throw them away. For getting a better position in my job, I delayed the plan. Instead of starting in spring 2019 the plan was to start with April 2023 this planned route. With the beginning of 2022 the geopolitical situation changed dramatically due to the Russo-Ukrainian War. With the moment, when Russia declared my homeland Austria as a so called “unfriendly country” my plan of riding eastwards was partly destroyed.

Searching for alternatives to travel by land to the Asian Golden Triangle, I started planning a detour in the south of the Himalayan Mountain Massive. But this plan of a detour found its early end in the still ongoing clashes in Myanmar after the happenings of the military coup in 2021. This country currently has the highest possible rank in travel warnings, and several tourists had massive problems traveling through the country.

The Final Plan

So, I had to make a decision in autumn 2022, which wasn’t an easy one. But finally I’d scrubbed the plan of going east and made very quick and less detailed a new plan, which will start now into the western direction, somehow like in the follwowing sketch:

Riding a heavily adventurized dual sport motorcycle which just got equipped, I decided making a first proper adventure-test with it and all the RTW-Gear in Northern Africa –> Morocco. I’m intending to stay about two weeks in Morocco before taking the ferry back to continental Europe / Spain and Portugal.

There I want to do the rest of the month May some big Portions of the Trans Euro Trail Network hitting back in direction of Central Europe. With mid of June 2023 I will ship the motorcycle from Germany to North-East-America where the real RTW begins.

This post is just an introduction, therefore I don’t want to go now too much into detail for the further route. The above shown overview sketch gives you a good idea where I’m intending to ride. People who follow me know, that I’m always try to avoid highways and have a favor for backcountry roads and worse. This trip will be no exception: Like always, I’ll be in the search for eyeopening landscapes and stunning natural monuments.

That’s my plan for the next 13 months. Now let’s see how this all work out finally.

What’s next?

Fore sure, I won’t be able to keep up writing ride reports with the pace of my journey, but I will try to deliver for you a constant flow of ride-reports withing this section of my website.

My next write up is all about the adventurizing process of my new ride, which is a 2019 Honda CRF 450 L, which I baptized “The Mule”. Here’s a first appetizer of my new and fully equipped Honda:

And here’s a first introduction of the purchase of this awesome, ultra light weight, dual sport motorcycle back in wintertime 2022:

➡ DAY RIDE 2022_03

“A distant pickup. Or: “The Mule”
After riding many miles with my 690ty it was time for a new motorcycle. This is the short story about getting my new ride.

So, stay tuned for further information about my trip and also have a lurking eye on my ➡ Instagram Channel, where I will try to share a selection of my journey highlights about once a week.

Oh, well: Right at the ➡ Front Page of my website is a map provided, which shows my actual position on the globe. 🌍

Interested in my doings? Then feel free to join my social media channels for further updates! ➡