TET POLAND 2019-Day 04


It was bucketing the whole night. In the very early morning also some distant lightning started and I woke up. A look at the weather forecast was predicting heavy showers all the day in southeastern Poland-the area I was currently riding. With the less knobby back tire such heavy mud like yesterday along Poland’s TET wouldn’t be a pleasure to ride, …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 03


Already at the end of first day of this ride to Eastern Poland, I had an apprehensive look at the weather forecast. It announced for the third day of my ride incoming heavy showers in the area, which I was going to ride through. Often these forecasts are not reliable, but I knew from the Late Spring Ride 2018 and the Iron Curtain Ride 2018, that I’m not the luckiest guy, when it comes to the factor weather.
Also, on this riding day number three along Polands-Trans-Euro-Trail, the weather was a real pain in the ass …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 02


Like the first night of the “Iron Side Ride 2018”, I was disturbed during these trips first camping night. Around midnight, I woke up because of a pack of wild hogs, which was rummaging around in the dry leafs around my tent.
The noises they’ve made like: grunting, sniffing and loud breathing had been very frightening to me! I haven’t had any experiences with these animals before. Horror stories of big teethed boars ripping my tent into pieces came up in my mind …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 01


My plan for this trip was to make plenty of miles on the first and on the last day. Therefore, I created a route from Vienna to the Polands northeastern corner, which was as straight and short as possible. The sooner we would reach the TET, the better it would be! Because I haven’t planned any sights along this route, I was curious what this first day ride along many small and big roads and also some gravel tracks would bring …

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TET POLAND 2019-Day 00


In the year 2018 I tried with a buddy of mine to ride parts of the Slovenian TET. Due to an accident of my riding buddy and bad weather conditions I was forced to abort this plan. A year later I gave the superb TET Project (Trans Euro Trail) a new chance and planned this ride to the eastern section of Polands TET-Trail. Here’s the simple plan behind this adventure …

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