TET HUNGARY 2019-Day 00


It seems like the TET-Virus got me in 2019! After doing the eastern section of the Polish TET in April, I did just two months later the Hungarian TET. Beforehand I can say, that it was a superb ride which brought me with my six-ninety two times on my own limits whilst trying to follow it. What I learned from this ride is the following thing: Never ever overestimate your own skills! Riding about one quarter below the own maximal abilities would be good personal posture for future rides. More about the origin of this inspiration in the incoming reports of that ride.
Let’s start with the plan behind this adventurous undertaking …

The plan for this little dual-adventure.

The main goal of the ride was to follow the purple line which conforms the Hungarian Trans-Euro-Trail in the version of July 2019.
Due to good experiences I planned my ride to the entrance point of the TET along a mix of gravel and small backcountry roads. My chosen entrance point was the three country corner between Hungary, Ukraine and Romania in easternmost Hungary.

The first day of the ride started in Vienna and followed the green and the red line on the map, through Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Before midday of riding day no. 2, it was planned to reach the three country corner / the entrance to TET Hungary.
Day two and three followed the purple line as close as possible. On around midday of day no. 4, the end point of the TET, close the Slovakian border, was on the schedule. My black beauty and I followed the green line for the rest of day no. 4 and 5 back to Austria / Vienna.

That was the plan. As you surely know: A plan is just a plan …

Saddled and ready to go!

The day before leaving I saddled my black beauty Чернотa with my standard set of gear and tools for the incoming ride. Before that, I had also…

A 60/40 gravel/street tire was mounted.

mounted a 60/40 back tire, which was a MITAS E 10 Dakar. This one is more capable for Hungarys mud- and sand trails than my usually preferred 50/50 back tire, which is a Mitas E 07 Dakar. On the front I ran like most of the time a E 10 Dakar. That’s because of its good balance between durability and off-/on road grip. After a last glimpse …

at the ODO I checked the weather forecast. It told me, that after many showers, the incoming days in Hungary will be nice for this little dual-sport-adventure. After a last check of the packing list I went off to sleep.

Like always before such rides I was a bit exited and it was hard to fall asleep … … …

*zzz zZZ ZZZ*