Spending a few days out only equipped with a tent and the stuff which is stow-able on a dual sport motorcycle always make me wondering about how less gear is needed for a trip like this. We are living in a world of things. In this world we are often defining our self through these things, which seems somehow stupid. Isn’t it? Whatever: After a long ride on the day before through the enduro paradise Albania, this day was a relaxing ride along nice coastal scenery.

On the seventh day of the Project Carpathian Balkan we started in the southern part of Montenegro. We went north-westwards and passed the bay of Kotor via a Ferry, went further on to the city Dubrovnik. Short after the double border to Bosnia we followed Croatia’s coast line parallel in the back country. Total distance this day 587km or 364mi. ​

While I was packing my black beauty I watched to … ​

to the flight of insect-chasing swallows in the rising morning sun. They are swift. It took me a few tries to get one in its flight on the pic above. Do you see it? After that show … ​

Чернотa brought me to this nature monument: ​

Stara Maslina: This olive tree is said to be over 2000 years old and one of the oldest trees in the world. That’s awesome! ​

The road followed the coastline. Sometimes nearer, … ​

sometimes more distant. We arrived at …

​the Milovar bay near the city Budva. It’s really famous for the small island located there: ​

Its name: Sveti Stefan. This nice islet with many houses on it is nowadays an exquisite hotel complex. ​

Due to I’ve already done this part of Montenegro a few time on earlier journeys, I skipped …

​the absolute astounding bay of Kotor on this tour via the use of the … ​

ferry boat. . It saved me about 2 to 3 hours of riding along this bottle-neck-fjord of Kotor. ​

We arrived at the border to Croatia. The border crossing was easy. ​

A short ride in the back country offered a complete different view. But we want to stay a bit longer at the coastline… ​

and so we reached Dubrovnik. This city surely will be worth a stay for a day or two, but I have also done a visit a few years before, so we only scratched the city a bit while passing it and took a look back to its … ​

northern part, where a harbor is located. ​

Croatias coast is … ​

a real beauty. Also, … ​

the back country is charming. Endless streets and nearly no traffic.

Many, the main … ​

land deeply carving bays … (here an oyster farm)

​edged our ride. In the back country where also …

​huge plains located. ​

Around midday, I did a rest in a shady restaurant garden. For lunch, I had a grill platter with Croatia’s best: fries, a house-sausage, a meat skewer and a big piece of pork. mhhmmm

We went further north-westwards. There …

the mountains reached nearly to the Adriatic sea. I took the chance and rode with my black beauty … ​

on the mountain roads where the view was tremendous. ​

In the east of the city Zadar, our route followed a big reservoir dam. ​

On the early evening, after doing a ride through …

​this remote … ​

valley, I found a … ​

nice place for camping in a flower field near a old railway line. After the shelter was ready … ​

I opened a fine can of Croatian beer and served the cheese and the air dried bacon. What a feast! Really satisfied I … ​

watched the sinking sun and enjoyed …

the silence of the incoming night. Another fine day of living found its gorgeous end. zzzzZZ* ZZZ

Total covered distance this day: 587km or 364mi.