MILEAGE: 80083km or 49700mi

Date: 25th October 2019

October 2019 – After doing more than 20000km last motorcycle season with my black beauty the ODO showed 80000km or 49700mi. So it was time for a big maintenance check

I really miss the times when I had access to a proper garage, but wrenching on a motorcycle is also possible in your garden when you have a bit of space. Just be sure to prevent a mess on the good floor. ^^

First I split Чернотas body in two halfes.

At next I removed the air box and changed the air filter. After 20000km it has done the job. After …

that I removed the valve cover and the rocker arms to have a closer look at the camshaft and the …

rocker arms. The rocker arms have been mounted til then for about 33 000km or 21000mi and looked fine. Also the valve clearance was fine.
Next I had a closer look to the spark plugs:

The two on the left now have been mounted for 40000km or 25000mi. That was the second time that I’ve doubled the maintenance interval which KTM recommends for the spark plugs on the 690ty (See: Maintenance Report 40000km). And again it didn’t harm the engine.

Via the internet I ordered the two spark plugs on the right side which only had been for a few km mileage in use and mounted them. This new used plugs will surely do the job again for the doubled recommended mileage.

I also replaced the fuel filter after 40000km in use for a new one. Last but not least …

I drained the oil, switched the oil filters and had a look to the oil sieves. As you can see, you can see nothing. ^^
There have been no shapes in the oil screens. On the magnet was as usual a bit of magnetic slime and real fine shapes. It seems that everything is fine with Чернотas heart.

Thats it.

Overall I have to say that I’m really happy with the 690ty!

  • Besides:
    • one pair of rocker arms which has been changed preventive
    • a defective indicator relay
    • the replacement of one front wheel bearing
    • a snapped spring from the Gear-Foot-Lever-Folding Mechanism and …
    • a few missing bolts

nothing serious happened to my trusty KTM 690ty – Чернотa . There was no ride-canceling breakdown and the maintenance work is, as you can see on the pictures above, easy cheesy.

I’m looking forward for another great incoming riding season with my 690ty.

The full maintenance list over Чернотas lifetime you will find at:

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