Hey Peps!
After doing a full relaunch of the site dualadventure.com in December 2019, here you will find more detailed information about the site and my future plans for it …

With February 2019 I initially launched dualadventure.com including a basic amount of content. Til September 2019 plenty of content of the riding seasons 2017 and 2018 was added (day ride- and adventure-reports, gear, …) .

I got more and more used in building up this homepage with a common creator tool kit for websites (wix.com).
I also learned that such builder tools have besides their handy building surface some real big disadvantages, like self style-changing content boxes, troubles with website loading in the editor, misbehaviour, no option to move the content to another hosting provider due the lack of a common database and the most anoying: missing speed during the content production.

So I started with September 2019 the work on a rebuild of dualadventure.com, now with wordpress.org.

Nostalgia: A screen shot from the old websites homepage

First it was difficult to deal with this website-building-database, but in the meanwhile the basic content creation is easy. With mid December 2019 I reached a point, where it was time to relaunch the website dualadventure.com. With some support of the nice staff from the new hosting provider I was able to go online with my new websites database.

Now that here is the result (in a battery friendly dark look), which I like more than the old one. Surely there are a few little bugs and design flaws which a wordpress newbie like me hasn’t figured out until now, but overall the site is proper working and all the launched content from the old site was moved and is accessible.

As mentioned above: In near future I will work on the design and implement a few missing functions. Also, further adventurous content from the riding season 2018 and 2019, and some insights in planned riding projects will be shared.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my adventures or the site itself. I’m looking forward to hear your feedback or some suggestions relating the new site. Feel free to leave a comment or tell me about some bugs you found on the new site.

In the meanwhile:
Ride safe and stay tuned, further content is just around the corner!

Tom from dualadventure.com