A distant pickup. Or: “The Mule”

DAY RIDE 2022-03

After ages of lurking around in motorcycle-forums and the long vainly wait for a dual sport motorcycle, which truly deserves the description “Adventure Motorcycle”, I made the decision to get an appropriate successor for my trusty black beauty Чернотa, which was a KTM 690 Enduro. This is the short story about getting a new ride for some proper incoming adventures….

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DAY RIDE 2022-2

Each of has his personal home route which gets ridden, when there is some spare time, but no route planning time. Or often also just for getting the mind free from daily life troubles. When I’m on such a ride, I often recognize some small tracks or tiny back country roads aside my home route which look promising. This ride report is about scouting some of this little trails and roads along one of my usual home routes. Enjoy …

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