When I started my first adventure trip to the north cape back ago in the year 2012 my former bike was looking like a low loader.

It was packed to the top like a fully equipped, so called nowadays “Adventure-Bike”, right out of a Bavarian advertising catalogue, with loads of stuff, which hasn’t been used once during three weeks of travelling. After a second-long distance trip (with even larger alloy side boxes) I was fed up with heaving around such a mass of weight through the mountains of Greece, Montenegro and Albania

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In the real cold winter time 2017/18 I was bored and thought about my current way of navigation DURING my RIDES. For about 2 years (+30000km or 18600mi) I was using a Garmin Montana 650T rugged outdoor navigation device for doing my off road adventures. It worked ok – NOT more or less. Its old hardware, THE sometimes buggy software, the bad display, processing time, etc. made the decision easy for me to get rid of it. In my opinion this device is antiquated compared to the features a smartphone offers. A look to other current / actual new motorcycle navigation systems showed the same. They are far behind in many properties a smartphone offers for off road navigation.

So the decision was made: In future I will use a Android smartphone for navigation!

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