Being out in remote areas always contains the possibility of a motorcycle breakdown without the possibility of getting Quick foreign help. Therefore, it is recommended to have an assorted set of tools and spare parts stowed in the luggage to help yourself.

Down below is my setup for the worst CASE. Please note that this tool and spare set is currently optimized for a KTM 690 Enduro, but surely contains a few helpful ideas for OTHER motorcycles TOO!


First of all: That’s the tool tube in which a big part of the tools where stowed permanently on my black beauty Чернотa.

The tool tube is a plastic pipe with about 35cm or 13,5 inch length and about 7,5cm or 2,75 inch inner diameter. The pipe is strengthened with two muffles and is closed at the back end with a fitting cap. The muffles and the back cap where bolted to the tube.
The front cap is upgraded with a metal handle for getting easy access to the tools inside. It is simple plugged into the tube. First I thought I´ll loose the cap during riding, but the rubber gasket in the tube is holding the cap well on its place and the tube is mounted high enough for preventing contact to the ground. Wrapped around the tube itself is about 1,5m or 4,5ft strong wire – on of the best fixing materials when things fall apart. ^^

In the red plastic bag is a main part of the following tools stowed:

From the top left to the bottom right (items market with * where stowed in the luggage on longer trips, all other items where stowed permanently on the bike/in the tube):

Sockets 6-14mm, spark plug socket, drift punch, spanner 13 and 10mm, nose gripping pliers, tire irons with 27mm and 32mm spanner, lifting arm, *file*, 1/4″ wrench, 1/4″ bit-holder with bit-extension and 1/4″-bit, 1/4″ extension, slot and philips bit, T45 Torx bit, crimp connectors (wrapped in duck tape), pliers, *feeler gauge*, *a multimeter*, *spare cable 1m or 3ft*, *caliper* and plenty of cable ties.

​Further tools from the top left to the bottom right:
Allen-key-set, tube repair set, tire gauge, self made fork gasket cleaner *click*, Torx-key-set, duck tape (wrapped on a thin stick), electronic tape, kneading metal, bicycle pump.

​Spare parts from the top left to the bottom right (all of them are stowed in the luggage on longer trips):
Inlet and exhaust rocker arm, shim kit, fuel pump with hose clamps, spare tube for back tire, spare side stand magnet, a piece of spare chain and two chain locks, clutch facings and four mounting screws (—> for clutch plate adjusting), front and back wheel bearing with gaskets and a spare tube for the front tire.

​The lifting arm for raising the motorcycle is made out of two metal pipes with different diameter. They where plugged together and with the cotter the length is adjustable. The red piece is the layer for safely lifting the bike. The piece of cord is needed for lifting the back tire of the bike: I use it for …

pulling the front brake of the bike. After that I lean the bike across the side stand to left side and …

put the lifting arm under the swing arm of the bike. That way the bike is lifted safely via three points (lifting arm, front wheel and side stand). It’s also possible to lift the front of the bike via shifting the engine into a low gear, then push the bike over the side stand to the left. So the front wheel goes up and with the lifting arm under the bash plate or the engine itself  it will stay freely with the front wheel raised. It works really easy and is a fast help out there, when it’s needed to lift the bike. Surely, some big stones or pieces of wood is doing thus the job well, but with this stand, you safe time and the bike will rest safe in lifted position. On muddy surface, I use the cover of the tool tube as an underlay.