09th March 2019


The date of the ride:

January 2018

The total distance:

ca. 250km or 155mi

The Gravel/street ratio:


The Highlights:

The "drunken hunters lodge"

Some nice scenic photos

DAYRIDE 2018_01

"Just riding around ..."

The cold is not over now. Winter will surely take another four or six weeks until it's finally gone here in eastern Austria.

But as you know that's no reason for staying at home where the  fight against the winter depressions is still ongoing. Not for me!

For this day ride I had no special plan. I just put some warm clothes on, a bottle of water was stowed into the tank bag and I took the camera with me for making some nice photos on the way.

The route itself was a mix up from well known gravel tracks and a few new shortcuts which I've chosen randomly along the way.

My black beauty Чернотa, still dirty from our last dayride, brought us to the southern border of the big city ...

Hello and good morning! Lets go for a ride! So we did!

We started along the fields in direction South-East. Besides some well paved streets, Чернотa also went into ...

some more challenging terrain. This sand pit ...

sadly will close this year (2019). But hey, why you would have a sand pit for playing, when ...

can have instead a golf course?  ^^

We rode on along some railway support lines. Those tracks, often located side by side with the train lines, are fun and easy to ride. In most cases they are also not regulated in any form. That is seldom in over-regulated Austria.

At the Donati Chapel we made a short brake. I´m not a religious person, but I like the different styles of buildings like chapels, churches and other religious places. They are also often some great photo subjects. Like this one here, which has a really uncommon form.

We went further south. While trying a new shortcut I found this ...

remnant of an old gate. Nature is slow, but surely will win in the end.

Lol. I have no idea what the hunters where drinking up there in this deer stand. Surely it has to be some strong experimental stuff. Or why else did they need such glamorous handrail along a fu**ing ladder? ^_^

We followed some greasy trails until Чернотa took a ...

short rest at a small pond near ...

the Lake Neusiedl. Always when I see that lake I´m wondering myself about how it could be that this huge lake has a maximal depth of around two meters or six feet. Standing on a relatively high hill near the lake just makes me more wondering about that.

Most farmers here in the region around Lake Neusiedel are vintners. In the cold time of the year there is no wine, so they ware collecting plenty of wood instead to make their business.

Here´s another shot from the lake in the distance. It was taken from one of the highest hills there. While I was soaking up the nice view ...

Чернотa was honestly waiting down in the woods. After a few minutes up the hill ...

we rode to a stone pit not far away, for ...

doing some easy terrain practices.

After a wine yard ...

and a small cave, we found this  ...

old tractor just aside the route.

Afterwards we passed the the village "Rust". There beneath is an old ...

Romans-stone pit is located. In summer the areal is used as a festival and opera location. Here is some information see: Steinbruch Margareten

Along some ...

well known gravel ...

and grass tracks we went on back northwards ...

and reached at the end of the day our home.

Total covered distance this day: 250km or 155mi,




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