MILEAGE: 60320km or 37481mi

Date: 10th March 2019

It’s march: The temperatures are gaining and the odo shows in the meanwhile 60320km or 37481mi. So another big maintenance work was necessary. On last Sunday I used my spare time for a big check of Чернотa.

Spring is incoming so a little bit of garden work was necessary. ^^

After putting all facing parts aside …

the LC4 showed me its valve train. The valve clearance was in tolerance.

The rocker arms and the roller-bearings are fine after about 13000km or 8100mi in use.

The camshaft after now +60000km or +37000mi also. After …

20000km or 12400mi in use the outer and inner spark plug still looked good to me. They also had a healthy colour which means that the combustion is fine. I adjusted the clearance of the electrode a bit and put both back in and will change them at around 80 000km or 50 000mi (I’m doubling the maintenance interval of the spark plugs due to my good experience with it: CLICK) Now to the oil change itself:

On the magnet the ordinary magnetic slime was visible. In the left or backward oil sieve nothing special was found. In the front sieve some fine, none magnetic shavings have been collected. I’m estimating that they are coming from the clutch basket due to the new clutch parts which have been mounted at around 50000km. The teeth of the basket seems to lose some of its coating. I´ll have a look on that but currently I`m not really worried about it.

​Besides the oil I also changed the air filter and the brake fluid. Also a part of the fuel line from the after market tanks has been changed due to some fuel-moisture on it.

​Overall the engine and the bike are (beside its dirt-patina) in a good condition and ready for the next adventures.

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