19 April 2019


The date of the ride:

September 2018

The total distance:

200km or 120mi

The gravel/street ratio:


The Highlights:

Zillertaler-Scenic-Road with great panoramic views

DAY RIDE 2018_05

"The Afternoon Gravel Ride"

September 2018: I was a few day for Holiday in Austria's most beautiful state Salzburg. There are many different opinions about that but for me surely Salzburg ist the most prettiest one out of nine states in total.

Being in the most western county of Salzburg called "Pinzgau" I had time for a short ride.

So I made a decision and I went off with my black beauty to visit the Zillertaler-Scenic-Road in the neighbour state Tirol. This is a panorama track leading around the top of a mountain near the village "Zell am Ziller" and  it provides a few nice views to the northern Alps ... .

On this day I started wit my black beauty for a short visit into the Felbertal (valley Felbertal). Afterwards we went along the Salzachtal (Salzachtal valley) westwards. We bypassed the beautiful New-Gerlos-Toll-Road via the old Gerlos-Road  and went on to Tirol. There we arrived in the Village Zell am Ziller. Thats the place where the Zillertaler-Scenic-Road has one of its entrance points. Here you will find a map of the full Zillertaler-Scenic-Road: "---> CLICK <---"

The entrance point to this scenic road was quickly found.

Along the first few meters the road is leading upwards the mountain and offered a great view along to the south into the valley Zillertal.

After a few nice curves ...

Чернотa and I reached the ...

timberline. A few hundret meters further up the  ...

mountain the panorama was really ...

astounding. It doesn't matter if I looked down the mountain into the valley which we came before, or ...

looked up the opposite hillside lying in my back to this mountain station on top. Both views had their own individual beauty.

After some greetings to the great almighty Чернотa and I went on ...

further along the top of the mountain road. Here also some hang gliders used the great weather conditions  that day for their sort of adventure.

After a last glance down into the valley ...

we slowly started the ...


On this day we just rode about a third of this great scenic road ...

before Чернотa brought us back to our place of stay in Salzburg.

Total covered distance this day: 200km or 120mi.




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