Normally I start my tours in the early morning and ride the whole day from short after dusk til nearly dawn.
Due to a big birthday party of a family member, a friend of mine and I started this tour just in the late afternoon this day.
So lets start with the ride report no.1 of this short adventure …

Our route on day one started in the south of the city Vienna and led southwestwards through eastern Lower Austria to Styria and the region around the famous Styrian vacation area “Teichalm”. Total distance on this short day: 160km or 100mi.

After quoting the starting-mileage with a picture, Чернотa and I launched in the late afternoon the “Late Spring Ride”. Towards a few km …

we met up in the south of Vienna with a good friend of mine and one of Чернотas other sisters. ^^
We talked a while and after a last potty brake …

​we started in the direction of Styria on good maintained back country roads.

​After only two hours of riding …

the daylight was fading, and so we began to look out for a proper spot for our first shelter on this journey.

Somewhere in the woods around the area of the “Teichalm” we finally found an adequate spot for shelter in the woods near a logging track.

“Dwarfs!” ^^

My buddy, lets call him “Mister Redhat” and I set up our tents. Short notice: This was the first time that I was using my new tent, a Helsport Ringstind 1-2, a 1,5 person tent, which put only about 1,1kg or 2,4 lb on the scale and which is also very compact when stowed.
After the short but good start in our tour …

we indulged in the shelter life. We heated up some Tomato sauce, put a can of tuna in and also boiled some noodles on the other stove. When the food was done …

“Mr. Redhat” and I celebrated the start in our tour with a can of finest liquid gold brewed in Austria aside the tuna spaghetti. Because we haven´t seen for a while, my buddy and I talked until late in the night.

Total distance this day 160km or 100mi.

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